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You want to visit the world-famous festivals or  you like to go with your schoolmates to your final excursion? We will surely give you a smile on your face and give you the best time in your life.


Selection of good and comfortable hotels,hostels, private apartments or camps. You can select between 2 and 3 stars accommodations or camping sites.


We guarantee the best prices for bus transport. The time on the bus will pass quickly and comfortably.


We will visit those places where you will get the most for your money. Food quality guaranteed.


All our passengers will be insured for traveling abroad.


Every day, evening thematic parties and activity throughout the day.


Be active on holidays too. Great choice of sports activities.

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Zelf je reis samenstellen is nog nooit zo eenvoudig geweest! Stel je reis in slechts enkele stappen samen door te kiezen uit heel veel verschillende reisonderdelen, ideeën, wensen, hobby's en activiteiten, zodat je reis helemaal aansluit op je persoonlijke wensen. Begin gelijk met het zelf samenstellen door op de onderstaande knop te klikken.

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